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Q: When selecting my hoop, how do I determine which backboard size is best for my space?

When choosing the perfect backboard, take your budget, room size and level of play into careful consideration. The 72” backboard is regulation size for high school, college and the NBA. However, in home gyms, you may not have the space for a 72” backboard, making the 60” backboard an excellent alternative. The 54” backboard is a great choice for smaller rooms and best for recreational play.

Things to consider: The smaller backboard sizes do not allow for all possible shots. If you’re a serious player, you will want to purchase the largest backboard.

Q: Can the wall mount basketball hoop be installed outside above a garage door?

a. Yes, you just need to be sure proper backing is installed.

Q: What is tempered glass?

We use tempered glass on all of our backboards because it is much stronger than regular glass. During the annealing process, the glass is cooled down much slower, yielding a stronger product. If the glass were to break, it would break into small, harmless fragments.

Q: Which overhang should I choose?

The overhang of your basketball hoop determines how you lay out the lines on your court. The larger the overhang, the more room you need for the 3-point arch. However, with the larger overhang, you have more room to make side shots and under-the-hoop lay-ups. Also, the larger the overhang, the more height adjustability you have. See the attached basketball court drawings and observe the line layout and various spatial configurations for your indoor basketball court.

Q: How do I determine overhang?

The overhang is determined by measuring the distance from the wall to the back of the backboard.

Q: What are the details of my warranty?

All Gladiator Hoops basketball hoops come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This means that with our warranty, you get:

- A two-year warranty on the rim, jack and backboard padding
- A lifetime warranty on the backboard, support arms, wall plate and jack brackets

Our warranties are non-transferable. See attached warranty for further details.