why gladiator hoops?

our basketball hoopS offer a modern look,
easy-to-use features and quick install - three popular
reasons people choose gladiator hoops!


While other brands mount their backboards by gluing metal behind the glass, at Gladiator Hoops, our basketball hoop backboards are secured at the sides for a more aesthetic and solid design. Customers love our clear-view backboards!


Our basketball hoops are easier to adjust. Unlike our competitors’ backboards with small overhead cranks, our removable hand cranks with rotating hand grips are out in front, easy to reach and easy to maneuver!


Installation of our basketball hoops is a straightforward process. It’s less cumbersome and requires fewer bolts than competitors’ hoops and all of our products come with an easy-to-follow step-by-step instructional video!



With over 13 years of experience installing indoor basketball hoops, we recognize that not all hoops are created equal. In fact, many basketball hoops on the market today are far from installer and user friendly.

At Gladiator Hoops, we make it our mission to create the easiest-to-install and easiest-to-adjust basketball hoop on the market!


Wondering what your hoop will look like in your gym? Where exactly is the height indicator? How easy is the installation process?

View our gallery for photos of our adjustable hoops, our fixed hoops, and the answers to all of your questions!

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Gladiator Fixed-Height Basketball Hoop

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Gladiator Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop

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In-Ground 60" Basketball Hoop

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In-Ground 72" Basketball Hoop

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Our indoor basketball hoops and support members are backed by a non-transferable limited lifetime warranty. This includes two years on the rim, jack and backboard padding and a lifetime warranty on the backboard, support arms, wall plate and jack brackets. View our warranty here for further details.


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